Star Crossed Tattoo


Rich is back!!

Hey! Richie and Rochelle are finally back from South Africa! They both had a wonderful time, and are stoked to get back to their home here in Hong Kong.

Rich is already transitioning his way back to tattooing at Star Crossed

And Ross working hard as always

Ross and Rich are now currently booking into early December. We tend to fill up quite quickly around the holidays so if you would like to get tattooed before the new year, be sure to send an email enquiry to:

And Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

Website & Email back up!

We were experiencing some technical difficulties with our website and email for the past couple of days, but thankfully Ross managed to sort everything out! All systems are go!!

For those of you enquiring about Rich’s return,
Richie will be back tattooing at Star Crossed Tattoo starting tomorrow Tuesday November 22.

Both Ross and Rich are already booked up till early December, but of course consultations (and spontaneous visits!) are always welcome!

Please send us an email to: if you’re interested in getting something done by them.

In the meantime, please browse through their portfolios and personal blogs (Rich & Ross) for examples of their work.

Rich did some amazing tattoos while he was in South Africa. He’s back with a fresh outlook – can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeves!

I didn’t get a chance to post this earlier due to website drama… but here’s a shot of happy Ross working on a dragon’s head for a fellow Canadian from Edmonton. Its his first time visiting Hong Kong, and loved the city so much he decided to get a permanent souvenir: