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Here at Star Crossed Tattoo and Piercing, we use the highest quality jewelery and piercing equipment for your comfort and safety.

We only use the highest grade of Surgical Stainless Steel (316LVM) and Titanium (G23) in our jewelery and piercing equipment to eliminate the chances of an allergic reaction. This grade of Stainless Steel is on par with medical instruments surgeons use in hospitals. All jewelery and tools used for your piercings are autoclave sterilized for your safety, and all of our piercing needles are single-use sterile packaged and opened in front of each and every client.

We at Star Crossed Tattoo care about our clients; your safety is our number one concern!

*Please note that piercing (and tattooing) prices are NOT posted online!

If you wish to receive a quote, contact us by email*

*Piercing is unavailable on MONDAY and THURSDAY.

To learn more about our piercing services, please read our FAQ:


How old do I have to be to get pierced?
You must be at least 16 to get pierced without parental consent for most piercings. Nipple piercings require you to be at least 18. A legal form of ID with your birth date will be requested as proof.

Can my 18 year old cousin sign as my guardian?
Unless they are your LEGAL guardian with paperwork to prove it, otherwise they cannot sign for you.

Is it safe to go into a hot tub or chlorinated pool with my fresh piercing?
We recommend waiting at least 1 month before you go swimming in a pool and wait until your piercing is totally healed before entering a hot tub.

Why can’t I get pierced with gold?
We don’t pierce with gold because of the impurities of the metal. Once your piercing is healed you can wear gold in it.

Is it ok to work out and get sweaty with a fresh piercing?
Yes that’s fine, just rinse with fresh water afterward.

Do piercings hurt?
Most piercings are very quick and the pain is minimal. Though it can vary from person to person, most people are very surprised at how easy the process can be.

Can I buy different jewelery from you?
Absolutely! We carry a large range of stainless steel jewelery on hand, and custom orders for ornate and different styles of jewelry are available as well.

Is there any truth to hearing loss being connected to a Tragus piercing?
No! Hearing loss is caused by either damage to the ear drum (inner ear) or the brain. No part of the outer ear, which we pierce, impacts hearing.

Is it possible to wash/clean a piercing too much?
Yes! By cleaning more than is recommended by your piercer, you can irritate a piercing and create dryness, swelling etc… Follow your aftercare instructions given to you by your piercer!

What gauge and diameter do you use for piercings?
We typically use a 14g ring or barbell for the initial piercing, with a diameter ranging from 5mm to ½” depending on the piercing.

Can I bring in a friend with me to take some photos of me getting my work done?
You are allowed one guest into the studio with you. We have a waiting area for the rest of your party to wait. As long as you ask your piercer it should not be a problem to take photos.

How do you unscrew the bead from the ring? I am having trouble taking my ring out!
The bead is held in the ring by tension. Picture the ring as a letter “C” with the bead filling the gap. You need to pull the bead out and away from the ring, freeing it. With one thumb/forefinger, hold the bead and with the other thumb/forefinger hold one side of the ring, next to the bead. Gently but firmly pull the bead and ring away from one another, releasing the bead form the ring. Then turn the ring gently until it comes out of your piercing. If you still are unable to do it, you can come in the shop and a piercer will do it for $50 HKD.

Can I bring in my own jewelery to get pierced with?
You may bring in your own jewelery as long as it’s PROPER for the piercing you are getting. It must also be run through a full cycle in our autoclave to insure total sterility. In lieu of this, it is best to come in a day BEFORE you wish to get pierced, so we can autoclave the jewelry for you. An additional fee will be applied.

Do you sell clear retainer?
Yes we stock clear, almost invisible retainers for many of the more popular piercings including Labret, Tongue, Navel, Eyebrow etc… however, we do not pierce with these retainers! They can only be used in healed piercings.

Do I need to make an appointment to get a piercing or can I just walk in?
In almost all cases you can walk in and get pierced without an appointment. Even if we are very busy, the wait is usually only ½ hour at most. You can also phone ahead (+852-6256-0217) if you are concerned about time.

How long do I have to wait until I can change my jewelery?
You should wait until your piercing is completely healed before you attempt to change jewelry. Doing so prematurely may damage the soft sensitive tissues inside your piercing site.

My ring stops turning in my piercing after only a few turns… is this normal?
This just means all residues has been flushed from your piercing. If you want to be extra cautious, soak it in warm saline solution and try again. Don’t force it as you may cause the tissue to tear.

If I get my nipples pierced can I still breastfeed?
Because the female nipple has many small ducts that secrete milk, you can be assured that although a piercing may damage some, there are plenty more that remain safely functional.

Are there any things that I can’t do after getting pierced?
It really depends on the piercing. Your piercer will go over anything that specifically applies to you and your piercing but generally a new piercing will do little to disrupt your regular routine.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!