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February Guest Artist!

Chinese New Year is quickly approaching! Here to welcome the new year with us, we proudly introduce our guest artist for February, Will Walas!

Will Walas is in Hong Kong to tattoo with us from February 8 to February 17.
This is his first time here in Hong Kong so let’s give him a warm welcome and help us keep this man busy!

Will works hard to produce clean, solid, and technically proficient tattoos.
A lot of his work leans toward the bold and traditional style but he is comfortable in most styles and eager to work on any project that pushes his ability.

Originally from Switzerland, Will has tattooed all across Europe at various tattoo shops and conventions.

You can keep up with Will and all his newest projects via his facebook!

Here is an example of his previous work…

Please take a look at Will’s complete portfolio on our website under “artists”
and also on his facebook page!

Don’t miss out on this one!!!

To help us better serve you, please include the following in your email enquires:

1. Size: What size do you want your tattoo to be?
Please provide dimensions including measurements.

2. Location: Where on your body do you want to get tattooed?

3. Description: Please describe to me what you would like to get.
If you have any pictures, please send them along!

4. Colour or Black and grey?

Send to: info [at] starcrossedtattoo [dot] com!

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